As a classically trained jazz instrumentalist, Margrit relishes expressing the emotional, human qualities of the viola.

As well as performing with world-renowned orchestras and opera houses, she’s also studied the musical traditions of folk, jazz and blues, and developed a conversational style of playing that’s warm, melodic and expressive. These are the projects she’s currently involved in:


Rasa explores how musicians from two worlds meet to create a sound and texture that’s refreshing and new.

It’s the fusion of ideas between viola player Margrit Hasler and guitarist Pedro Velasco; two players who share a curiosity of all elements of music. The pair bring influences from their vastly different backgrounds (one classical, the other jazz), improvising and conversing in expressive phrases and sonorous melodic tones.


From East African guitar band grooves, echoes of European folk themes and sinuous melodies reminiscent of Arabic music, Chris Batchelor’s compositions for Zoetic reflect his long lasting immersion in a wide range of music. 

Formed of members of influential British big band, Loose Tubes, Chris Batchelor, John Parricelli and Steve Watts now join in an new intriguing combination with violist Margrit Hasler and percussionist Paul Clarvis. They create an unusual ensemble, one that’s evocative of the sound of London’s contemporary jazz scene.